Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Roundup

If you covered yourself in laserdiscs and went outside on a snowy day, you'd be pretty much invisible, don't you think?

24 boxes full of laserdiscs (over 700 discs total) arrived here in the middle of the month. Taking up a lot of space and did not make it easy for the Christmas Eve gathering with friends!

Getting good at fixing up Famicom Disk System drives. Here's one of the Sharp Twin Famicom system that I fixed up; replacing the belt and fine tuning the drive until it read all discs. I was contacted by an ebayer who had a bad experience with a seller who shipped him a non-functioning disk system. The seller had advertised it as being fixed but apparently did not test it enough. Here at Good Squid, I always thoroughly test each disk drive with multiple games before declaring them 'fixed'. Shipped out a few this month and all arrived in perfect working condition.

Below is Nintendo's Racing 110 'Color TV Game' system from 1978 (Model CTG-CR112). This old system hooks up to TVs via an RF switch and only supports blocky shapes and a few colors.

Been messing around with the Bandai Pippin system and got a few game in stock for it including Gundam Tactics, Dragonball Z Anime Designer, Pease, and Victorian Park.

And finally, currently in stock is this beautiful set of Pioneer LaserActive 3D goggles (GOL-1) with the adapater (ADP-1), still new and unused!!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of November Update!

Various items coming in and being mailed out throughout the month of November. Lots of laserdiscs as usual and some great retro video game finds, too!

Ascii Stick X-Turbo MSX controller

Rare Nintendo Famicom Zapper!! There were a couple different zapper models released in Japan including a rifle and another pistol type that came prepackaged with the Wild Gunman.

Nintendo 64DD F-Zero X Expansion kit. This one is still sealed.

Rare Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland Laserdisc Box. This is a sample release. Only 5,000 were officially released, but this one is numbered 05058.

New and unused Gyro Robot set!!! Could not believe when these arrived. Perfect specimens for collectors.

And lastly,  I've got a bunch of old LaserActive Pioneer CLD-A100 laserdisc machines sitting around. Some of them have issues so I was thinking that somebody might need spare parts for them. Just put the tray and laser up on Ebay, so we will see what the response is. If you are in need of any replacement parts for your player, feel free to contact me as I can take one apart and send you the parts you need!

Tray for the Pioneer CLD-A100 laserdisc player.

Laser lens for the CLD-A100.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Namco, SNK, Sega, Capcom, Taito Video Game Laserdiscs

Many popular video games from the 90s were accompanied by laserdisc releases which featured sample matches and game play walkthroughs. There were dozens of these types of discs, often with a VHS counterpart. Recently Good Squid has had a few of these LDs in stock as well as some other video game related discs.

King of Fighters '95 PCLP-00575

Samurai Spirits PCLP-00592

Shin Samurai Spirits PCLP-00542

Fatal Fury 3 PCLP-00556

Neo Geo Gals Grafitti PCLP-00519

Darius Gaiden PCLP-00562

Tekken VILL-102

Air Combat VILL-90

Air Combat 22 VILL-103

Game Museum: The History of Video Games (Namco 1 & 2) PCLP-00170
(Really cool documentary about early Namco games - unfortunately all in Japanese without any English options)

Sega Special featuring Galaxy Force, Thunder Blade, and Out Run G68X0263

Capcom Game Syndrome featuring Ghouls n' Ghosts, Strider, and Forgotten Worlds G73X0328

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Tempters and Kenichi Hagiwara

The past couple weeks has seen a return of The Tempters into heavy rotation here at Good Squid. I first got into the Japanese Group Sounds era of music a few years back but hadn't listened to any for a while. Like it a lot more now that the songs are more easily understood after 7 years of living here. Great stuff for when you're at a sunaku with a bunch of ojisan in their 50s.

One of the vocalists, Kenichi Hagiwara (aka Sho-ken) went on to a long and successful solo career.

Later, Hagiwara went on to become a well-respected actor and was in films such as Ghost Pub (Izakaya Yuurei) and Love Letter (Koibumi)


With age comes excellence...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Sorts of LaserActive Goodies

Lucky to recently acquire a lot of very rare LaserActive stuff including the goggles, goggle adapter, 3D Virtual Australia, PC-Engine and Mega Drive control packs, and some LaserActive branded controllers. Also, an NEC LaserActive system (PCE-LD1) will be in stock soon along with the NEC PC-Engine control pack (PCE-LP1)!

Pioneer LaserActive Goggles (GOL-1) with Adapter (ADP-1)

3D Virtual Australia MEGA-LD PEASJ5042

PC-Engine Control Pack (PAC-N1)
Mega Drive Control Pack (PAC-S1)

LaserActive Branded Controllers

Sunday, September 11, 2011

H.R. Giger Passagen and Some Horror LDs

Recently acquired a nice batch of LDs which included this gem:

1972 H.R. Giger Passagen documentary (78LS37).

Also some cool horror titles in the lot:

Demon Seed PCLM-0018, Friday the 13th - Jason Takes Manhattan PILF-1029, The Lift NJL-11327, Razorback NJL-38612, The Wolfman PILF-1647, The Howling 4 SF073-1645

Two Evil Eyes NALA-10069, Deadly Friend NJL-11601, Cat o'Nine Tails 88C59-6150, The Unholy G92F5442, Hardcover KILF-5006, Dracula SRLP-5041-2

Child's Play 2 PILF-1351, Friday the 13th Part 7 SF073-1612, Sleepwalkers SRLP-5055, It NJL-12198, Children of the Corn 2 MRLC-92031, When a Stranger Calls TE-D132

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sapporo Haul!

Good Squid decided to try to escape the heat of Niigata and take the 18-hour ferry ride to Hokkaido. No use though as it was just as hot there. From the port in Otaru, it's a 40km bike ride to Sapporo. Sapporo is Japan's 5th largest city but it's pretty isolated being way up there on the northern island. The people treated me with wonderful hospitality and lots of fun was had! There was an abundance of recycle and old video game shops, so there was much to do. Did not have a chance to make it to all the places I wanted to go, so another trip up there next month is in order!

View of Odorikoen and downtown Sapporo

Mario was passing out flyers for karaoke under the giant inflatable Tanuki. Mario did not bring his Tanuki suit that evening.

Takuro-san gave me these FDS games!

Game Shop 1983 had lots of cool stuff, kind of pricey and an unfriendly staff. Small, dusty and grungy shop filled with retro games. The really interesting stuff was NOT FOR SALE :(

Nintendo Block Kuzusi (circa 1979), Neo Geo CD Consoles, Famicom Robot, The Beach and T2 Squeeze laserdiscs, Nintendo Game & Watch (Mario Bros + Green House), Sega Mark III carts (After Burner + Space Harrier), Famicom Disc System Games and FDS disc cleaner! This thing got my Metroid working!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

X-Men Japanese Laserdisc

One of the last laserdiscs to ever be released, X-Men went on sale in Japan on February 23, 2001. Pressed in very few numbers due to the popularity of DVD at the time.

X-Men PILF-2863

Unfortunately, the copy in the Good Squid store doesn't come with the obi :(

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Konami, Sega, Irem, Namco Japanese BGV Laserdiscs

Konami Shooting Best - Gradius, Slamander, Gradius II - Pony Canyon G68X0289

Konami Best Selection - Castlevania, Thunder Cross, Super Contra - Pony Canyon G73X0312

R-Type - Pony Canyon 20cm Laserdisc Single - H25X0003

Namco Starblade Japanese LD VILL-59

Sega After Burner / Super Hang-On Japan LD G68X0228

Sega Out Run Japanese Laserdisc 50LS-5010