Sunday, September 11, 2011

H.R. Giger Passagen and Some Horror LDs

Recently acquired a nice batch of LDs which included this gem:

1972 H.R. Giger Passagen documentary (78LS37).

Also some cool horror titles in the lot:

Demon Seed PCLM-0018, Friday the 13th - Jason Takes Manhattan PILF-1029, The Lift NJL-11327, Razorback NJL-38612, The Wolfman PILF-1647, The Howling 4 SF073-1645

Two Evil Eyes NALA-10069, Deadly Friend NJL-11601, Cat o'Nine Tails 88C59-6150, The Unholy G92F5442, Hardcover KILF-5006, Dracula SRLP-5041-2

Child's Play 2 PILF-1351, Friday the 13th Part 7 SF073-1612, Sleepwalkers SRLP-5055, It NJL-12198, Children of the Corn 2 MRLC-92031, When a Stranger Calls TE-D132

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