Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of November Update!

Various items coming in and being mailed out throughout the month of November. Lots of laserdiscs as usual and some great retro video game finds, too!

Ascii Stick X-Turbo MSX controller

Rare Nintendo Famicom Zapper!! There were a couple different zapper models released in Japan including a rifle and another pistol type that came prepackaged with the Wild Gunman.

Nintendo 64DD F-Zero X Expansion kit. This one is still sealed.

Rare Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland Laserdisc Box. This is a sample release. Only 5,000 were officially released, but this one is numbered 05058.

New and unused Gyro Robot set!!! Could not believe when these arrived. Perfect specimens for collectors.

And lastly,  I've got a bunch of old LaserActive Pioneer CLD-A100 laserdisc machines sitting around. Some of them have issues so I was thinking that somebody might need spare parts for them. Just put the tray and laser up on Ebay, so we will see what the response is. If you are in need of any replacement parts for your player, feel free to contact me as I can take one apart and send you the parts you need!

Tray for the Pioneer CLD-A100 laserdisc player.

Laser lens for the CLD-A100.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Namco, SNK, Sega, Capcom, Taito Video Game Laserdiscs

Many popular video games from the 90s were accompanied by laserdisc releases which featured sample matches and game play walkthroughs. There were dozens of these types of discs, often with a VHS counterpart. Recently Good Squid has had a few of these LDs in stock as well as some other video game related discs.

King of Fighters '95 PCLP-00575

Samurai Spirits PCLP-00592

Shin Samurai Spirits PCLP-00542

Fatal Fury 3 PCLP-00556

Neo Geo Gals Grafitti PCLP-00519

Darius Gaiden PCLP-00562

Tekken VILL-102

Air Combat VILL-90

Air Combat 22 VILL-103

Game Museum: The History of Video Games (Namco 1 & 2) PCLP-00170
(Really cool documentary about early Namco games - unfortunately all in Japanese without any English options)

Sega Special featuring Galaxy Force, Thunder Blade, and Out Run G68X0263

Capcom Game Syndrome featuring Ghouls n' Ghosts, Strider, and Forgotten Worlds G73X0328