Thursday, November 25, 2010

Metallica school notebook, Banarama, Anime LDs, Vinyl soundtracks

Last of the music LDs for a while, also got a batch of nice anime LDs. Item of special note this week is this old school notebook from 1996 which was a promotional item for Metallica's Load album. Cool stuff!

Metallica - Load - Japanese School Notebook Promotional Item

Scorpions - Crazy World Tour Live - Japanese Laserdisc VALP-3294

Bananarama - Video Singles - Japanese LD Laserdisc W48L-3007

Metallica - 2 of 1 - Japan 8" Single LD 25LP-135

Roger Waters - What God Wants Part 1 - 8" Single LD Laserdisc Japan SRMM-4828

The Smiths - Meat Is Murder 10" Vinyl Record 4509-91894-1

Tiffany - Live in Tokyo 1988 - Japan Laserdisc 55P6-9032

The The - Infected - Japan LD Laserdisc ESLU-76

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack 18RS-12

2001 Space Odyssey Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack MMF-1010

Superman the Movie Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack P-5557-8W

2001 Space Odyssey Volume 2 Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack MMF-1018

Queen - We Are the Champions Final Live Japanese Laserdisc BVLP-79

Van Halen Video Hits Volume 1 - Japan LD WPLR-42

Swing Out Sister - Alpine Crossing Vinyl Record Single SOSWL-001

David Lee Roth Japan LD Laserdisc 06WL-38126

Gary Moore - Evening of the Blues - Japan LD VALJ-3319

Yngwie Malmsteen Collection - Japan LD Laserdisc POLP-1605

Extreme - Photograffitti - Japan LD POLM-1503

Bon Jovi - Access All Areas - Japan LD Laserdisc with Stickers POLS-1604

Rainbow - Final Cut - Japan LD POLP-1602

Bon Jovi - Cross Road - Japan LD Laserdisc POLS-1010

Rock n' Roll High School Ramones Japan LD TKLB-50067

FYC Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & The Cooked - Japan LD Laserdisc

Basia - A New Day - Japan LD Laserdisc ESLU-82

Mr. Big - Greatest Video Hits - Japan LD Laserdisc AMLY-8127

The Who - Who's Better Who's Best - Japan LD Laserdisc POLP-1610

Loudness - Lightning Strikes - Live in Tokyo Japan LD 08WL-20

Queen - Greatest Karaoke Flix - Japan LD Laserdisc TOLW-3249-50

George Michael - Faith - Japan LD 35-4P-111

Police - Around the World 1980-1981 - Japanese Laserdisc K78L-5015

Terence Trent D'Arby - Hardline Live - Japan LD 42-4P-110

Queensryche - Building Empires - Japanese LD TOLW-3143

Whitney Houston - Video Hits - Japan 8" LD Single LM030-8101

Devilman Memorial Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01537

New Cutey Honey Stage 1 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTDD01127

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 2 - Japan LD BEAL-496

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 1 - Japan LD BEAL-495

Dirty Pair Flash Volume 2 - Darkside Angel - Japan LD VPLV-70347

Devil Man TV Series Vol 1 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01067

Lupin the Third Volume 1 Japan LD Laserdisc BELL-199

New Cutey Honey Stage 2 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01128

Dirty Pair Flash Vol 1 - Runaway Angel - Japan LD VPLV-70346

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 4 - Japan LD BEAL-498

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 3 - Japan LD BEAL-497

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes Tour - Japanese Laserdisc SM037-3335

Tesla Live 1990 - Five Man Video Band - Japan LD Laserdisc MVLG-1

Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival Volume 1 Japan VHD Cartridge VHP58010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kicking off two rounds of mainly music/concert LDs this week. Some nice gems in there including Duran Duran's Arcadia, Promo Lights Clip with W.A.S.P. and other hard metal bands, and a few other rare ones!

Do They Know It's Christmas Japan VHD The Story of The Official Band Aid Video Disc VHM38002

Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Japan VHD VHP78127

Altered States Japan VHD VHP78254

Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller Japan LD Laserdisc G68M5301

Phil Collins - Seriously Live in Berlin Japan LD WML5-7004-5

Phil Collins - The Singles Collection Japan LD WML5-7001

Alyssa Milano - Look In My Heart Japan LD G48M0330

Phil Collins - Seriously, the Videos Japan LD WML5-7020

Genesis - Invisible Touch Tour Japan LD Laserdisc 42LS-2008

Phil Collins - No TIcket Required Japan LD 08JL-52411

UB40 Labour of Love II Japan LD Laserdisc PVLM-7

Alice Cooper - Prime Cuts Japan LD VALZ-2127

Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture David Bowie Japan LD Laserdisc VPLR-70663

Frank Zappa - Does Humor Belong in Music? Japan LD 70056-88

Julio Iglesias - En Espana Japan LD Laserdisc ESLU-73

Une Parisienne Brigitte Bardot Japan LD Laserdisc L080-5044

Paul McCartney & Wings - Rockshow Japan LD Laserdisc SM048-3250

Joni Mitchell Come in From the Cold Japan LD Laserdisc MVLG-4

Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour Live Japan LD PILP-1010

Eurythmics - Live in Sydney Australia 1987 Japan LD K88L-5092

Michael Jackson - The Legend Continues Japan LD Laserdisc 68LS-82010

Judas Priest Live Dallas Texas 1986 Japan LD 98-4P-104

Whitesnake - Trilogy Japan LD Laserdisc 35P6-9021

Berlin - Wam Bam Lie in Japan LD Laserdisc SM058-3170

Dick Lee - Orientalism Tour 1992 Japan LD WML5-7021

Lenny Kravitz - Video Retrospective Japan LD Laserdisc PILP-1107

Lenny Kravitz - Alive From Planet Earth Japan LD TOLW-3201

Stevie Ray Gaughan and Double Trouble Live in Tokyo Japan LD SM037-3455

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at the El Mocambo Japan LD ESLU-107

The Best of Paul Young Japan LD Laserdisc 68-4M-10

Roxette - Sweden Live Japan LD Laserdisc TOLW-3031

Madonna - The Virgin Tour Live Japan LD 35P6-9016

Madonna Blond Ambition Japan Tour 1990 Japan LD WPLP-9044

Megadeth - Exposure of a Dream Japan LD TOLW-3134

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Japan LD Laserdisc VALJ-1038

Duran Duran - Arcadia Japan LD Laserdisc L080-1077

Brigitte Bardot Show BB Special Japan LD Laserdisc COLM-6170

Michael Jackson - Moon Walker Japan LD Laserdisc 70-4P-120

Masters of Rock (Hard 'n' Heavy Volume 4) Japan LD MGLP-1014

Huey Lewis and the News - Four Chords & Several Years Ago - The Concert Japan LD Laserdisc WPLR-11

Best of Motorhead Japan LD Laserdisc VALC-3311

Winger - In the Heart of the Young Part Two Japan LD AMLY-8012

Iron Maiden Live After Death Japan LD Laserdisc 98LS-2004

Promo Lights Clip! Rock 1 (W.A.S.P., Kiss, Bon Jovi, Poison, Scorpions, Bad Moon Rising, Praying Mantis, Yngwie Malmsteen) Japan LD Laserdisc PCLP-00553