Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Sorts of LaserActive Goodies

Lucky to recently acquire a lot of very rare LaserActive stuff including the goggles, goggle adapter, 3D Virtual Australia, PC-Engine and Mega Drive control packs, and some LaserActive branded controllers. Also, an NEC LaserActive system (PCE-LD1) will be in stock soon along with the NEC PC-Engine control pack (PCE-LP1)!

Pioneer LaserActive Goggles (GOL-1) with Adapter (ADP-1)

3D Virtual Australia MEGA-LD PEASJ5042

PC-Engine Control Pack (PAC-N1)
Mega Drive Control Pack (PAC-S1)

LaserActive Branded Controllers


  1. Hey you should post footage of 3d Virtual Australia. I'm sure a few people are curious about it (including me.)

  2. Hello, do you have the GOL-1 glasses available to sell? Please write to me at josepmaria79@hotmail.com