Friday, January 13, 2012

Mountain Treasure Hunt!

Off to the mountains to do a little recycle shop treasure hunting. Bad timing as a huge snow storm decided to unload on us just as we got started. The plan was to drive from Niigata to Gunma, but because of the heavy snow, we couldn't get to our final destination. We have snow tires, but not chains, and without chains it was just a little too unnerving to try to go any farther over the mountains. We got to Muikamachi and stayed at a nice little ryokan, enjoyed the ofuro and slept well! Still, managed to find a few treasures at some off-the-beaten-path shops, so a success nonetheless!

Bunch of NeoGeo stuff (CD consoles, controllers, AES carts, memory card), Donkey Kong Jr. and Octopus Game & Watch, Complete File Street Fighter II book, Cannibal Holocaust laserdisc (SF078-1337), Sega Amusement CG World: Best Collection laserdisc (TYLY-5005)