Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nintendo Color TV-Game 15: Front Panel Translated!

Well it looks like my 4th grade kanji reading skills have found another use. It's great not being completely illiterate! Incidentally it was really easy to figure out 'high speed' and 'low speed' as I see this when taking some swings at the batting center near the post office where Good Squid sends out packages almost every day. Hope some people find this translation useful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Taste Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Picture Disc Q.D.K. LP-002

Soundtrack for Peter Jackson's Bad Taste on vinyl picture disc. Released by Q.D.K. Media in 1990. Music by Michelle Scullion. Gatefold jacket with huge fold-out poster and even the little sticker which was on the plastic wrap when sold at the store.

Track Listing
  1. Goldfinger Summons the Boys
  2. Aliens Attack Barry
  3. Derek and the Astro Bastard
  4. Head Rams and the Slegdehammer Chase
  5. Bad Taste
  6. 'Derek's Don't Run!'
  7. Giles Investigates Town
  8. The Boys Prepare for Battle
  9. Rock Lies
  10. Giles in the Cooking Pot
  11. Derek's Resurrection
  12. Derek's Brain Hurts
  13. Lord Crumb Adresses Aliens
  14. Missle Time
  15. The Boys Attack
  16. The Boys Escape
  17. Lord Crumb Takes Control
  18. Lord Crumb Sucks Spinning Steel
  19. Bad Taste

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victor, Hitachi, Casio, National Vintage MSX Computers

Picked up a bundle of old mid-80's MSX computers which were all pretty much new and unused.

Victor / JVC HC-7 MSX Personal Computer

Hitachi MSX MB-H2

Casio MSX MX-101

National MSX FS-4000 Word Processor and Personal Computer

Casio MSX PV-16

National MSX CF-2000