Saturday, October 30, 2010

Doomsday News, MSG, Rare Roxette, etc

A few metal LDs this week amongst some other rarities. A couple sealed items thrown in for good measure!

MSG Michael Schenker Super Rock '84 Japanese Laserdisc LD 78C58-6091

Doomsday News Video Comp Volume 1 JAPAN LD TELP-48007 -Tankard, Celtic Frost, Coroner, Helloween, Voivod, etc

Doomsday News Video Comp Volume 2 JAPAN LD TELP-48012 - Kreator, Celtic Frost, Mania, Coroner, Gamma Ray, Mordred, etc

Asia in Asia Digital 2nd Pressing Japanese LD SM035-3344

Marc Bolan and T. Rex Born to Boogie Japan LD VPLR-70161

Peter Gabriel Secret World Live Japan Laserdisc TOLW-3195

Natalie Cole - The Unforgettable Concert WML5-7023 Japan LD

John Lennon Video Collection TOLW-3136

Australia Now 80's Rock Compilation Laserdisc MP158-25VP - The Monitors, INXS, Split Enz, Men at Work, Icehouse, Midnight Oil, etc.

Sting - Nothing Like the Sun - The Videos Japanese LD VAL-3519

Luke featuring the 2 Live Crew Banned in the USA Japan LD VALC-3233

Madonna the Immaculate Collection WPLP-9045 Japan LD

Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour Live Japan LD PILP-1010

Bad English the Videos Japan LD ESLU-80

MSG Michael Shenker Unplugged Live LD VPLR-70329

Best of Blondie Japan LD VALP-3139 Laserdisc

Milli Vanilli in Motion Japan LD BVLP-5

The Beatles Help SF078-1279 Laserdisc

Madonna - Body of Evidence BELL-589 Laserdisc

Madonna - The Virgin Tour Live LD 35P6-9016

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Live in Johannesburg 1995 Japan LD Laserdisc TOLW-3239

Roxette - Don't Bore Us - Get to the Chorus! Greatest Video Hits Japan LD TOLW-3220

Vanessa Paradis - By My Baby Japan LD POLP-1012

Tiffany Live in Japan Laserdisc 55P6-9032

David Lee Roth Japanese LD 35P6-9023

Van Halen - Right Here Right Now Japan LD WPLP-9096

Duran Duran Decade Japan LD TOLW-3047

Duran Duran Working for the Skin Trade Japan LD WV050-3001

Duran Duran Arena L088-1037 Japan LD

Cheap Trick Concert Chicago Festival 1981 NDS-5001

Cheap Trick Every Trick in the Book Japan LD ESLU-81

Iron Maiden - Live After Death Japan LD CSLM-773

Joan Baez in Concert with guest appearance by Jackson Browne Japan LD PILP-2009

Spandau Ballet - Over Britain Reformation VALP-3141

Breakdance 2 Electric-Boogaloo is Breakin' 2 Japan LD SF078-5030

Breakdance Japan LD FY125-25HD

Metallica Cliff 'em All Japan Laserdisc VAL-3069

Vanessa Paradis Single 20cm LD VAMP-3195

A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica Japan LD BOX SRLM-841-3

Lionel Richie - The Outrageous Tour Live VAL-3050

Ace of Base - The Sign The Home Video Japan LD BVLP-109

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Japanese LD Laserdisc Zombi 2 Sanguelia Collector's Set 00LS 15~16

Recently had this awesome Lucio Fulci Zombi set and boy was it a beauty... I've seen three of these sets now, and the other two had water stains on the cover. This one was the best copy I've ever seen. Already sold, but I do have the regular, non-collector disc (00LS-32) in stock! Will try to get some pictures of that one up soon too.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi-Vision Discs, Jackie Chan 3-D, LaserActive Mega-LD Games...

A little bit of everything this week including a really cool Jackie Chan 3-D disc Magnificent Bodyguards. Also some Laseractive LDs, a very rare Iron Maiden VHD, some MUSE laserdiscs, an MSX laserdisc game... really a mixed bag! All on Ebay as of October 21st.

Iron Maiden / Video Pieces EP VHD Video Disc VHM39005

Cliffhanger MUSE Hi-Vision LD PILH-1007

I Call First aka Who's That Knocking at My Door Laserdisc NJL-11582

Best of Max Headroom SFXL-004 Japan Laserdisc

Adventures in Babysitting Laserdisc with Elisabeth Shue interview TS098L-05030

Best of France / Paul Mauriat 68VP-1 Laserdisc

Field of Dreams Laserdisc with Phil Alden Robinson interview JSLD-1001

The Burbs Japan Laserdisc SF073-1776

Amistad AC-3 Laserdisc PILF-2775

Wonderful World of Brothers Grimm Japanese Laserdisc, Widescreen with trailer PILF-2198

Convoy NJL-38609 Japan Laserdisc LD

Magnificent Bodyguards Jackie Chan 3-D Laserdisc 98SX-1

Space Harrier SEGA Laserdisc 50LS-5009

Tall Ships TOLB-1021 Laserdisc

It's Real Suzuka Formula 1 F-1 Grand Prix 1991-1992 Special MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdisc PILH-2001

Les Chefs D'Oeuvre de Jean-Luc Godard LD-BOX PILF-7379

Indiana Jones LD-BOX PILF-1560

Akira Special Collection LD-Box Bilingual PILA-1086

Harmagedon Japanese LD PILA-1236

Star Fighters MSX LD Laserdisc Game Palcom SS098-0002

Armor of God Jackie Chan VHD Video Disc H98F3029

Project A Jackie Chan VHD Video Disc VVG-5

LD Single Adapter J-L20 Pioneer

3D Museum LaserActive Mega-LD Laserdisc Game with sheet of 3-D glasses PEASJ1012

Virtual Cameraman 2 3-D LaserActive Mega-LD Laserdisc Game PEASJ5020

Hi-Roller Battle LaserActive Mega-LD Laserdisc Game PEASJ1002

New Disc Flash Pioneer Laserdisc Catalog Back Issues

Leos Carax Collections Laserdisc LD Box PILF-7361