Friday, April 29, 2011

MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdiscs, Store is Functional!

Got a few Hi-Vision / MUSE discs in stock and have added them to the store. Also had Jurassic Park, Out of Africa, and Cliffhanger, but they have already been sold. With Ebay raising their fees once again (now charging a percentage of the shipping price!), I've decided to try to sell more through the website and other venues. Sorry for the slowness and bad design of the store - it's a work in progress!

This week on Ebay it's a lot of Sci-Fi, especially Star Wars. Some highlights include:
  • Cherry 2000 SF047-5352
  • SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back (Making Of) PILF-2080
  • Nemesis (uncut) PILF-1588
  • Thunderbirds IR Boxes 1 and 2 BELL-533 and BELL-534
  • Terminator 2 Squeeze PILF-2187
  • The Making of Star Wars PILF-2079
  • Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi PILF-2081
  • Godzilla 40th Anniversary LD-BOX TLL-2235
  • Star Wars Collector's Set PILF-2070

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