Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anime and Tokusatsu LD Boxes, Music, Repaired Victor VHD Player

Plowing through the hundreds of LDs and LD boxes slowly but surely. The condition of the latest haul is just amazing, most of it looks like it came right out of the factory. Here's some of the anime and tokusatsu items that I was able to take pictures of.

LD Boxes for Getter Robo, Hurricane Polymer, Reideen Perfect Collection, Ashita no Joe, Jumborg Ace, Mahha GoGoGo, Mighty Jack, Iron Man 28, Mirror Man, Rainbowman, Space Avenger Magma Taisi, Tiger Mask, Red Baron, Iron King, Mazinger Z, Ultraman, Masked Rider, Eight Man, Dororo, and many others!! The items above are just a fraction of the total number of LD boxes in stock, so if you're looking for something in particular, feel free to email me and I can check to see if it's in stock.

Also recently Good Squid got a bunch of music discs in stock, many of which were still sealed. Some of these are up on Ebay now and others will be put out there next week. Hightlights include:
  • Ready Steady Go Volumes 1-3 (TOLW-3150, TOLW-3151, TOLW-3152)
  • Rick Astley Video Hits BVLP-1
  • Dead or Alive - Rip It Up 35-4P-114 and Rip It Up Live35-4P-115
  • Lita Ford - Live (BVLP-2) and Midnight Snack (BVLP-25)
  • Lots of Beatles and John Lennon discs
  • Best of Blondie POLP-1802
  • Vanessa Paradis - Tous ses Clips POLP-1023
  • Tina Turner - Simply the Best Video Collection TOLW-3099, What's Love Got to Do With It PILF-1880, What's Love Live TOLW-3196, Break Every Rule L050-1084, Do You Want Some Action - Live From Barcelona VALP-3218, Live in Rio de Janeiro VAL-3060
  • Glam Rock CRLR-80029
  • Culture Club - This Time First 4 Year SM058-3177
  • The Julie London Show TOLW-3124
  • Journey - American Tour TE-D037
  • Metallica - Cunning Stunts (SRLM-1540~1) and 2 of 1 (25LP-135)
  • Abba Gold POLP-1005 and More Abba Gold POLP-1011
  • Squeeze Greatest Hits POLM-1002
  • Bridget Bardot Show BB Special COLM-6170
Lastly I got an old Victor VHD player in stock this week. The model is HD-V1. I think the HD-V1 was the higher end model of the VHD machines that Victor released. When this one arrived, it would attempt to read discs, and then get hung up and stop trying. Opening up the case, I saw that everything was spinning and moving properly, but after a few seconds, it would just stop and the eject button would light up. So I found a special screw on an electronic panel that had some little tooth-like contacts on it. These were not quite in contact with the metal post that they were supposed to be touching, so after twisting the screw around, contact was made again and the video displayed properly. I also took the time to clean the metal post off with some rubbing alcohol - figured it couldn't hurt. Here's a video of the machine being fixed.


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  2. Hi! I like to get a Hong Kong Chinese laserdisc of Heathcliff: the movie! But this laserdisc is in Cantonese Chinese so you wouldn't watch it!

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