Sunday, May 8, 2011

LaserActive Demo Discs, Anime LD-Boxes, Video Disc Cartridges

Ran across a couple 20cm demonstration laserdiscs for Pioneer Laseractive products. These were promotional items that were used to show off hardware and software titles for use on the system. This first disc showcased all the add on control packs and contains some technical information about the LD format. Here are some screen shots I hastily took with my camera.

LaserActive Product Knowledge Guide (DB033/Y)

The second disc focuses on the first round of video game releases (both MEGA-LD and LD-ROM2) for the system.

Introduction to LaserActive Software Demonstration Disc (DB030/Y)

Also auctioning off a bunch of LaserActive titles on Ebay this week: Pyramid Patrol, Manhattan Requiem, Triad Stone, I Will: The Story of London, Vajra, Hyperion, Dora Dora Paradise, and Quiz Econosaurus. Also have some MSX laserdiscs in the mix: Star Fighters, Astron Belt, and Nihonkai Daikaisen: Umi Yukaba.

Was able to pick up over 100 VHD video disc titles as well and took the opportunity to watch Teen Wolf and The Graduate. Cool to see them for the first time on the old VHD player - not on fancy-schmancy DVD. Auctioning a few titles off on Ebay and keeping some others in stock.

Lastly, got around to taking some pictures of some of the anime/tokusatsu LD-Boxes from the recent monster haul. Nice Kikaida Triplet Box series, Idion, Magma Taishi, Ultraman, Lupin the 3rd, Wacky Races, and Guyferd. The LD boxes are always so beautifully designed and usually have large booklets and other throw-ins like telephone cards or audio CDs. Had some Glenn Gould LD-Boxes in there too!

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