Thursday, November 25, 2010

Metallica school notebook, Banarama, Anime LDs, Vinyl soundtracks

Last of the music LDs for a while, also got a batch of nice anime LDs. Item of special note this week is this old school notebook from 1996 which was a promotional item for Metallica's Load album. Cool stuff!

Metallica - Load - Japanese School Notebook Promotional Item

Scorpions - Crazy World Tour Live - Japanese Laserdisc VALP-3294

Bananarama - Video Singles - Japanese LD Laserdisc W48L-3007

Metallica - 2 of 1 - Japan 8" Single LD 25LP-135

Roger Waters - What God Wants Part 1 - 8" Single LD Laserdisc Japan SRMM-4828

The Smiths - Meat Is Murder 10" Vinyl Record 4509-91894-1

Tiffany - Live in Tokyo 1988 - Japan Laserdisc 55P6-9032

The The - Infected - Japan LD Laserdisc ESLU-76

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack 18RS-12

2001 Space Odyssey Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack MMF-1010

Superman the Movie Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack P-5557-8W

2001 Space Odyssey Volume 2 Japan Vinyl Record Soundtrack MMF-1018

Queen - We Are the Champions Final Live Japanese Laserdisc BVLP-79

Van Halen Video Hits Volume 1 - Japan LD WPLR-42

Swing Out Sister - Alpine Crossing Vinyl Record Single SOSWL-001

David Lee Roth Japan LD Laserdisc 06WL-38126

Gary Moore - Evening of the Blues - Japan LD VALJ-3319

Yngwie Malmsteen Collection - Japan LD Laserdisc POLP-1605

Extreme - Photograffitti - Japan LD POLM-1503

Bon Jovi - Access All Areas - Japan LD Laserdisc with Stickers POLS-1604

Rainbow - Final Cut - Japan LD POLP-1602

Bon Jovi - Cross Road - Japan LD Laserdisc POLS-1010

Rock n' Roll High School Ramones Japan LD TKLB-50067

FYC Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & The Cooked - Japan LD Laserdisc

Basia - A New Day - Japan LD Laserdisc ESLU-82

Mr. Big - Greatest Video Hits - Japan LD Laserdisc AMLY-8127

The Who - Who's Better Who's Best - Japan LD Laserdisc POLP-1610

Loudness - Lightning Strikes - Live in Tokyo Japan LD 08WL-20

Queen - Greatest Karaoke Flix - Japan LD Laserdisc TOLW-3249-50

George Michael - Faith - Japan LD 35-4P-111

Police - Around the World 1980-1981 - Japanese Laserdisc K78L-5015

Terence Trent D'Arby - Hardline Live - Japan LD 42-4P-110

Queensryche - Building Empires - Japanese LD TOLW-3143

Whitney Houston - Video Hits - Japan 8" LD Single LM030-8101

Devilman Memorial Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01537

New Cutey Honey Stage 1 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTDD01127

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 2 - Japan LD BEAL-496

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 1 - Japan LD BEAL-495

Dirty Pair Flash Volume 2 - Darkside Angel - Japan LD VPLV-70347

Devil Man TV Series Vol 1 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01067

Lupin the Third Volume 1 Japan LD Laserdisc BELL-199

New Cutey Honey Stage 2 Japan LD Laserdisc LSTD01128

Dirty Pair Flash Vol 1 - Runaway Angel - Japan LD VPLV-70346

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 4 - Japan LD BEAL-498

Giant Robo - The Animation, Episode 3 - Japan LD BEAL-497

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes Tour - Japanese Laserdisc SM037-3335

Tesla Live 1990 - Five Man Video Band - Japan LD Laserdisc MVLG-1

Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival Volume 1 Japan VHD Cartridge VHP58010

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