Friday, November 5, 2010

Sanguelia, The Thing LD-Box, Snuff, Horror Vinyl Soundtracks

A few horror items on vinyl this week plus Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 on laserdisc. This got sold within minutes of it going up on Ebay, so sorry it's already on its way to the buyer.

Sanguelia aka Zombie 2 Lucio Fulci JAPAN LD 00LS-32 Laserdisc

The Thing John Carpenter's The Thing Japanese LD Box PILF-2717

Snuff (1976) Japanese LD Laserdisc LVB-1013

Mangiati Vivi! aka Eaten Alive Japanese VHS Tape ABBV-002

Night of the Living Dead Japanese LD Box SHLY-98

The Antichrist (Anticristo) Japanese 7" Vinyl Record FM-1094

Nightmare on Elm St. 5 Dreamchild Japan Program Booklet

Set of Friday the 13th Japanese Program Booklets

My Bloody Valentine Japanese Program Booklet

Phycho 2 Japanese Program Booklet

Black Christmas Japanese Movie Booklet

Suspiria Japanese Movie Booklet

Suspiria Promotional Fan (uchiwa) Dario Argento

Phenomena Japanese Vinyl Soundtrack VIL-6188

Parasite Japanese LD Laserdisc EHL-1067

Videodrom Japanese LD Laserdisc PILF-2546

Blade Japanese LD Laserdisc PILF-7399

Ghostbusters Japanese LD Laserdisc SF078-5115

Zombie Dawn of the Dead George Romero Japan LD Laserdisc SF098-0076

Deadtime Stories Japanese LD Laserdisc G98F0164

Evil Dead Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Japanese LD Laserdisc SF078-5044

Zombie Dawn of the Dead Perfect Collection LD-Box BELL-745

The Fury Japanese Vinyl Record Soundtrack IES-81102

John Carpenter's Halloween Japanese LD Laserdisc AML-0040

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Japanese LD AML-0001

Outland Japanese Vinyl Record Soundtrack P-11025W

Return of the Living Dead 2 Japanese LD Laserdisc SF078-1471

Return of the Living Dead Japanese LD Laserdisc SF078-1081

Special Effects Japanese LD Laserdisc EHS-1078

Friday the 13th Part 3 Japanese VHD Videodisc Cartridge VHP78166

Evil Dead Japanese VHD Videodisc Cartridge VHPH78014

The Thing Japanese VHD Videodisc Caddy VHP78071

Movie Special Disc VHD Videodisc Promo S10-1008

Hell's Gate Island Gokumon-to JAPAN 7" Vinyl Soundtrack AT-4054

Village of 8 Gravestones Yatsuhaka Mura JAPAN 7" Vinyl Soundtrack KV-1001

The Devil's Ballad Akuma no Temari Uta JAPAN 7" Vinyl Soundtrack AT-4037

Inugami Clan Japan 7" Vinyl Soundtrack KV-546 Victor

Queen Bee Joobachi JAPAN 7" Vinyl Soundtrack AT-4067

House Japan 7" Vinyl Record Soundtrack YK-87-AX

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