Friday, December 3, 2010

PC Engine Super Grafx, Sharp Twin Famicom, Horror Movie Booklets

A couple vintage video game systems up for auction this week as well as some LD games for the MSX system and LaserActive. Next week will be some cool 3D VHD machines, goggles, and cartridges!!

Japanese Movie Booklets - Labyrinth, Violence USA (aka The Killing of America), Catastrophe, The End, Faces of Death 2, The Devil's Rain, Magic, The Legacy, Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, Carrie, The Omen

NEC PC Engine Super Grafx Console PI-TG4

Sharp Twin Famicon Nintendo Console AN-500B

LaserActive Mega LD Game Triad Stone PEASJ5014 Sega

Strike Mission - MSX Palcom Laserdisc Game PG002-12TO

Star Fighters - MSX Palcom Laserdisc Game SS098-0002

El Topo - Alejandro Jodorowsky Japan LD Laserdisc NDH-104

The Rape After - Japan VHS Tape Toshiba Herald Video VTS-F478V

Out Run - Japan Laserdisc Demo Sega 50LS-5010

Return of the Jedi VHD Cartridge Set VHP49243-4

The Empire Strikes Back VHD Cartridge Set VHP46167-8

Star Wars: A New Hope - Japan VHD Cartridge Set VHP49057-8

Dead Man - Jim Jarmusch Japan LD Laserdisc JVLF-77003-4

Daikyoju Gappa aka Gappa the Triphibian Monsters Japan LD Laserdisc NDB-023

Solaris (Russian Sci-Fi) - Japan LD Laserdisc ISL-10090

Mission Airwolf (2 Episodes) - Japan Laserdisc SF078-1098

Species 2 - Japan LD Laserdisc PILF-2724 with deleted scenes and trailer

Species - Japan LD Laserdisc NJWL-55208

Starship Troopers - Japan LD Laserdisc PILF-2657

As Good As It Gets - Japan LD Laserdisc LLD-26461

L.A. Confidential - Japan LD Laserdisc PCLH-00010

Ed Wood - Japan LD Laserdisc PILF-2140

Blockbuster Hightlights - Promo Laserdiscs LPR-008, LPR-009, LPR-010

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