Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh the Horror!

Time for a horror binge and this time with some non-laserdisc items in the mix. Got some LP records and old VHDs this week including some nice Friday the 13th cartridges. These start on Ebay on Thursday, September 30th unless they are claimed here first. This isn't all - more goodies next week too!

Friday the 13th Part 3 VHD VHP78166

The Blair Witch Project LD PILF-2831

After Food of the Gods LD PILF-7183

Friday the 13th Part 2 LD SF078-0119

Horror Music Show Vinyl Record YF-7126

Horror World Vinyl Record 25AP-3204

Creep Show Vinyl Record VIP-28125

Halloween LD AML-0040

Mondo Cane LD TE-D124

David Cronenberg's Shivers LD SHLY-40

Fright Night LD SF078-1327

Document of the Dead LD SHLY-51

Zombie Dawn of the Dead Perfect Collection LD-Box BELL-745

Dario Argento Suspiria LD-Box SHLY-113

Cat People EP VIMX-1541

Evil Dead VHD VHPH78014

Videodrome VHD VHP78167

The Thing VHD VHP78071

The Thing from Another World VHD VHPT78004

The Blue Man LD G98F5420

Dead Time Stories LD G98F0164

Link LD K88L-5082

Cat People LD PILF-2033

Society LD PCLP-00053

Nightmare on Elm Street LD SF078-5121

XYZ Murders LD KILF-5066

Trauma LD NALA-10072

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre LD AMCL-0001

Zombie LD SF098-0076

Nightbreed LD PILF-7045

Leviathan LD SF047-1667

Nightmare on Elm Street 6 Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare LD TKLR-50066

Christine LD SF047-5361

Species 2 LD PILF-2724

Tremors LD PILF-1196

Class of 1999 LD PCLV-10002

Deep Rising LD TWLD-1003

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  1. I have contacted you via FaceBook private messaging regarding prices - is this the best way to contact you - I can't seem to find a contact method for your blog here!
    BTW, how much is the DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD LD?