Friday, September 17, 2010

Mid-September in Stock

Some new laserdisc including the ultra rare Sixth Sense. Also gotta love the Fantomas jacket, one of my favorites all time. For vintage gamers, got the Space Berserker Laseractive LD game! Detailed pictures available here.

The Sixth Sense PILF-7405

Fantomas se Dechain LVB-1025

Hills of the Seasons PILW-1189

E.T. Special Collection PILF-2480

Rambo Complete Collection PILF-2136

Selected Masterpieces of Jackie Chan Vol. 3 PILF-7347

Space Berserker Laseractive Mega LD PEASJ1003

Men in Black LLD-24510

Indiana Jones Trilogy LD-Box PILF-1560

Erik the Viking PILF-7046

Blade Runner NJL-20008

Back to the Future Trilogy LD-Box PILF-1583

Blade PILF-7399

The Abyss PILF-1900

The Godfather, The Epic PILF-1147

Dolby Surround Special Realphonic Issue N58L-2

Sound Triangle CSLW-1365

Tune-up AV 50LS-5023

High Visual Check Disc: Watching People PPR-005

PACE Peace no Hitobito PILW-1015

Picasso SC098-6100

Omar Mukhtar Lion of the Desert KYLY-79001-2

The Front Line of Computer Graphics VPLY-70580

Entrapment PILF-2808

The Truman Show PILF-2730

Thin Red Line PILF-2770

The Days of the Condor KILF-5068

The Witches of Eastwick NJL-11741

The Wind and the Lion PILF-7023

Sister Act 2 PILF-1961

She's Gotta Have It MGLC-92039

Spencer's Mountain NJL-11635

Two Fisted Tales PILF-1605

The Indian Runner SRLP-5005-6

The Net LLD-24128

City of Angels PILF-2710

Priscilla Queen of the Desert COLM-6158

Get on the Bus LLD-25200

The Karen Carpenter Story PILF-1148

Promo Lights Clip Smooth Vibe 2 VCD-177

Beastie Boys Sabotage Japanese Video CD PMCD4913412

Genesis Three Sides Live BVLP-54

Genesis Live The Mama Tour TELP-45037

Video a Go-Go 8" LD Single JM038-0054

Duran Duran Arcadia L080-1077

Milli Vanilli In Motion BVLP-5

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  1. hi! are most of these gone at this point? i've been looking everywhere for a copy of PACE on LD!