Sunday, March 27, 2011

MSX Laserdiscs, Fantomas

This week at Good Squid we are offering a set of hard to find MSX laserdiscs as well as a mixed bag of other titles. Some sellers on Ebay are asking ridiculous prices for Badlands and Esh's Aurunmilla and while still not exactly 'cheap', I am offering them for much less than the other sellers.

Some highlights from the latest batch:
  • Fantomas Suspenseful Escape LVB-1024
  • Fantomas Contre Scotland Yard LVB-1026
  • Fantomas Se Dechain LVB-1025
  • MSX LD Badlands PG004-11KO
  • MSX LD Cosmos Circuit SS098-0011
  • MSX LD Rolling Blaster SS098-0044
  • MSX LD Astron Belt PG001-12SG
  • MSX LD Esh's Aurunmilla SS098-0019
  • MSX LD Strike Mission PG002-12TO
  • MSX LD Mystery Disc Murder Anyone? HG041-13VM
  • Le Vieux Fusil SF078-1374
  • Virtual Drug Nature's Ecstacy EHL-8001
  • Inside the Labyrinth 'Making of' Documentary LD
  • Orca KILF-5063
  • Making of Robocop HCL-5004
  • Heavenly Bodies SF078-1546
In other news, Ebay has announced a new policy starting in the spring where they will be taking a final value fee based not only on the selling price of the item, but also on the shipping cost. They say it is to make sure that sellers charge the cheapest rate for shipping. Since I never overcharge for shipping, they are effectively causing my shipping costs to rise 9%. As always, feel free to contact me for better, direct prices outside of Ebay. Not having to pay the Ebay tax would allow me to offer you lower prices.

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