Friday, February 4, 2011

Splatter Splatter

Time to clear out all the horror discs that have been incubating over the past few weeks. Some gems including the very rare Zombi Dawn of the Dead: The Conclusion box set which is in near mint condition. First time for me to see the set in such beautiful shape. Also Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell and Zombi 2 - both the single laserdisc release as well as the collector's set (not pictured here but hope to post it soon). Tons of discs and they will be spread out over two rounds on Ebay. First round started on Feb 3. Will have some movie program booklets, a 45 record, and some posters mixed in as well. Some highlights of the bunch include:

Dr. Butcher - NDH-111
John Carpenter's Halloween - AML-0040
Dellamorte Dellamore (Demons 95) - COLM-6131
Terror in the Aisles - SF098-5066
Creepshow - G98F5025
Friday the 13th - NJEL-11172
Snuff - LVB-1013
Gates of Hell - 00LS34-35
Zombi 2 aka Sanguelia - 00LS-32
Zombi 2 aka Sanguelia (Collector's set) - 00LS15-16
Maniac - NDH-007
Toxic Avenger -SF078-5184
Zombie Dawn of the Dead: The Conclusion - BILF-9003
John Carpenter's Vampires - PILF-7397
Hellraiser - TS-S008

Trying out a Nintendo Virtual Boy system as well. Was pretty cool to set it up and test it out. So clunky and only 2 colors - I can see why it never really caught on. Was able to find some rare games for a collector including SD Gundam Dimension War, Virtual Bowling, Space Invaders, and Virtual Lab.

Lastly, my friend called me up and said he had this cool vintage movie camera to auction off. It's a Canon Scoopic 16 from the early/mid 1970s!! The adventures never end here at Goodsquid.

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