Saturday, January 1, 2011

Laseractive Mega LD, Old School Sega Afterburner, Super Hang-On, Space Harrier

OK first off, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope everyone brought the new year in with a bang. Who's sleeping their hangovers off while browsing the web from their bed??? Hmmm?? Here in Japan we stayed out late, went to the nearby otera and smacked the bronze bell with a pillar. Had some snacks and drinks inside, then made our way over to Hakusan Jinjya. Threw some coin into the collection trough and then got our omikuji. This year it is predicted that I will have somewhat good fortune, but not the best. It also suggested that I should hurry up and move somewhere. A new Goodsquid office perhaps??????

Rocket Coaster PEASJ5013
Pyramid Patrol PEASJS5001
The Great Pyramid PEASJ5002
Space Berserker PEASJ1003
Hyperion PEASJ5019
Just a few ebay offerings this week including a lot of vintage video game related items. Above are the pictures for a set of beat-up Laseractive Mega LDs. Man those things were ugly and scratched up, but 4 out of 5 played through despite the scuffs. I'm pretty surprised that my LD player could read them but I guess LDs can really take a beating before going out of commission.

Sega After Burner / Super Hang-On G68X0228
Sega Space Harrier 50LS-5009

Also a few of these walk-though demo discs for the Sega games After Burner, Super Hang-On, and Space Harrier. Otakutachisama! Nice dorky stuff for you dudes!