Friday, January 14, 2011

Fixing LaserActive Machines! Famicom Gyro Robot, and, yes, More LDs in Stock!

Konnichiwa minnasama! It has been a busy couple of weeks as usual for the squid! Lots to report so let's get to it. First off, Goodsquid is finally on Twitter! Was very reluctant to join it as I don't like the idea short messages going out bothering everyone, but the I realized that the squid needs to get with the times. Feel free to follow me if you want.

Been delving into the world of LaserActive recently with some game titles and some systems as well. What I have found twice is that these old CLD-A100 and NEC-PC1 systems did not spin the laserdiscs. Somewhere on the web I was reading about laserdisc player repair and it was mentioned on a message board somewhere that the laserdisc spindles sometimes 'freeze' after not being used for a long time. Since there was nothing to lose I decided to try to open the machine up and see if I could fix one. Opened up the cover and unscrewed some other components inside the machine which revealed the motor, spindle, lens, and some other components. There were some plastic gears, latches, and springs in there as well. I manually spun the spindle and tinkered with all the moving parts that I could see. Took the tray out, cleaned it off, and put it back in. Well something worked because after that the discs would spin on their own after pressing 'play'. It worked so well that I decided to get a second system and try it again. The second machine had the same problem of not being able to spin the discs, but the refurbishing process went well with that one too!

Was able to find some games for the LaserActive as well:

Ghost Rush Mega-LD PEASJ1018

3D Museum Mega-LD PEASJ1012

Triad Stone Mega-LD PEASJ5014

Hyperion Mega-LD PEASJ5019

Manhattan Requiem LD-ROM2 PEANJ5004

Pyramid Patrol Mega-LD PEASJ5001

Virtual Cameraman 2 Mega-LD PEASJ5020

Also in stock is a bunch of vintage video game stuff including Nintendo Famicom's Gyro Robot.

Gyro Set HVC-GYS

Blockset HVC-BLS

Famicom Gyro Robot HVC-012

And of course this week's laserdisc offerings:

Thunderbirds ITC Memoria Box Volume 1 BELL-410

Lost Empire G88F0170 (Jim Wynorski)

Philips Projection Television Demonstration Disc

John Carpenter's Starman PILF-7235

SAEC Laser Vision Lens Cleaner LLC-3LD

Small Soldiers PILF-2768 (AC-3)

Felix the Cat Laserdisc MRLA-90005

Elephant Man PILF-2720

Laserdisc for Industrial Use (Demonstration disc in Korean)

The Making of Star Wars SPFX FY539-24MA

Mad Max Trilogy LD Box Set ML-9

The Ultimate Oz - Wizard of Oz LD Box Set PILF-2281


  1. Hi, I have a laseractive partially dismantled but can't figure out how to remove the tray. Any clues? Thanks! Sam

  2. Yes, you have to take out the two long screws on the top of the tray. After that, slide it to the front as much as possible, there's a little plastic latch that catches. You have to suppress that to get the tray out all the way. When putting it back in, make sure you align it perfectly or else there's the risk of it loading back in awkwardly and getting it back out after that can be tricky. Keep at it!

  3. I just got a player that has the same problem. Could you detail more what you did to get them to work? What tray did you remove? Did you do anything more to the spindle motor other than spin it?

  4. You might want to try replacing the belt on the white parts in the 4th picture. Sorry this was 2 years ago and I can't recall exactly what I did anymore :(

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