Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Horror Binge Part 2

More horror laserdiscs starting on Ebay this week plus some other interesting items including an anamorphically squeezed Terminator 2 disc and some 3-D VHD video discs.

Soylent Green NJL-50070 Sealed

King Kong vs. Godzilla TLL-2183

Mothra TLL-2435

Blakes 7 Terry Nation BBC G88F0143

Blakes 7 Terry Nation Duel G88F0131

Spawn LD Box set TLL-2542

Ghost in the Shell LD Box set BEAL-921

Metropolis VHD VHPP78001

Friday the 13th Final Chapter VHP78174

Metalstorm 3-D VHD Video Disc V3D-107-8

Revenge of Superlady 3-D VHD Video Disc V3D-105-6

Nude 66 3-D VHD Video Disc V3D-1002

Fun Fun Fun 3-D VHD Video Disc V3D-1001

Night of the Living Dead VHD Videodisc VHP49187

Aquarius VHD Videodisc 78VC-2002

Howard the Duck VHD Videodisc VHP78301

Frogs VHD Videodisc H88F4317

Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives VHD Videodisc VHP78322

Dario Argento Phenomena Laserdisc SHLY-90

Terrorvision Laserdisc G88F5383

Nightmares Laserdisc SF078-1061

Transylvania 6-5000 Laserdisc W88L-2001

Tales from the Darkside Laserdisc SHLY-10

Phenomena Laserdisc 1st Pressing 98C59-6099

Tales From the Crypt Volumes 1-4 PILF-1469, PILF-1470, PILF-1471, PILF-1472

Deadly Sanctuary aka Justine Laserdisc NALA-10030

Star Wars: The Making of Trilogy LD PILF-207104

Sanguelia aka Zombi 2 7" EP Vinyl Record EWR-20688

Suspiria (Goblin) 7" EP Vinyl Record EOR-20264

Star Wars Return of the Jedi VHD Videodisc VHP49243-4

Mad Max LD Box ML-9

Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon LD Box with CD PILF-2656

Tales From the Crypt Volume 3 Laserdisc MGLC-97097

The Lawnmower Man Director's Cut Laserdisc MGLC-96083-4

Anamorphically Squeezed Terminator 2 Laserdisc PILF-2187

The Hamster Factor (Making of 12 Monkeys) Laserdisc PILF-2290

The Monster Squad LD SF078-5242

Evil Dead 2 Laserdisc SF078-5254

Evil Dead Laserdisc STLI-3001

Day of the Dead LD TS-S001

Eraserhead Laserdisc PILF-7296

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