Saturday, January 17, 2015

All the Action is on Facebook

OK, so this blog hasn't been updated for a couple of years. I started this blog in order to log the adventures in Japanese retro games and laserdiscs and wanted to incorporate a shopping cart into the site. I soon found that a shopping cart was too much of a pain to maintain, and I lost the drive to do it. Instead I started to build a community of friends over on Facebook and it gradually grew until accumulating over 300 friends and around 250 page Likes. Facebook is now where 95% of the action is. Facebook has allowed Good Squid to grow steadily over the past couple of years. Sales and pictures of new stock are regularly posted there. Most of my stock does not make it onto Ebay because it is sold to the Facebook base first. Please friend me or Like Good Squid on Facebook to be part of the action.

Facebook friends hear about the good stuff first!

Huge $10 sales are held regularly!
(You can build up large orders and have them shipped by cheap, slow boat!)

Please friend me or Like Good Squid on Facebook!


  1. Man! You're a big collector of Japanese laserdiscs! right!

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